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About Us

We Maximize Your Financial Well-Being

Morling & Company's mission is to maximize the financial welfare of anyone who entrusts us with their financial affairs. We will draw upon our utmost professional expertise to accomplish this end. It is our primary directive and the philosophy upon which we build our reputation.

We live in a complex financial world. Even more complex are the daily responsibilities placed upon us to provide food and shelter for our families while facing social security extinction, ever increasing taxes and decreasing levels of health care coverage. In this environment, it is difficult for us to achieve financial sovereignty and freedom. Too often, inadequate time is spent planning for financial security.

Our role is to be by your side whenever your needs arise. Whether it’s proactive tax planning, financial counseling, or creating more value for your business, we'll utilize the very best in planning strategies to assure that you end up with the greatest possible benefit. We think, try and care on your behalf and we’ll do so within your risk tolerance comfort zone. Our goal is to continue to strive so long as we feel we can achieve a net financial benefit to you.

This is our commitment to you from everyone at Morling & Company. While we cannot promise we'll achieve your every goal, what we do promise is a commitment to be by your side supporting you with our very best efforts. We've been doing this since our inception and we will continue for as long as "Our Mission" remains a viable benefit to you.

We thank you for considering us. We look forward to achieving results on your behalf.


Our Senior Professional Advisors Team

Peter W. Ling, CPA
Chief Executive Officer
(415) 956-9500

John San Agustin, Enrolled Agent
Tax & Personal Financial Advisor
(415) 956-9500

Richard Limmer, CPA
Senior Tax & Professional Services Manager
(415) 956-9500

Jerome D. Cizek, CPA
Chief Financial Officer
(415) 956-9500

Lou Battilana, M.B.A.
Senior Tax Manager
(415) 956-9500