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Peter W. Ling, CPA

Chief Executive Officer


For over thirty-five years, Peter has been a business/tax strategist specializing in the rapid expansion of closely held businesses from ground zero and resolving complex tax situations.


Business Affiliations


Morling & Company; Morling Financial Advisors, L.L.C.

 Morling engages 1) in business/financial structuring, planning, and consulting for closely controlled small businesses and 2) cutting edge tax solutions for individuals with complex tax needs.  (Morling Financial Advisors offers personal financial consulting for mostly high variable income clients.)  Morling specializes in business start-up, formulating and guiding businesses through successful business models (with a specialty in information technology.)  In business since 1981, the company currently employs 18 people and services over 3,000 clients. 


Business Advisory Services & Company Development

His scope of business advisory experience encompasses emerging businesses in the Information Technology (I.T.) services, IT staffing, project-based consulting, software, hardware, general staffing, recruiting, legal, medical/dental, distribution, restaurant, and real estate industries.  His scope of tax experience encompasses business expenses for complex entrepreneurs, employee business expenses of high variable income taxpayers, closely-held international companies, stock options, non-cash compensation, complex real estate transactions, and effective multi-year tax planning.     

The companies that Mr. Ling has been involved with have been either consistently high growth (Inc. 500 – SIS; SF Business Times “Hall of Fame”-SSG #2, SIS #12), evolved into public companies, or successfully merged into larger companies. Mr. Ling’s unique specialty is his ability to recognize, understand and blend his understanding of the technology industry and strategic organization/people skills with his strong finance/accounting background to create paradigms that enable companies to succeed from “ground zero”.